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    1、Our company will normally pay five insurance payments for the probationary period positive employees;

    2、Paid 100 yuan / month housing allowance for the club recruit undergraduate or more employees, and issued for a period of 8 years;

    3、Every quarterly will pay for the employees the labor supplies;

    4、Unified hosting for employees who need to file, the costs borne by the company;

    5、On holidays, the gift cards will be issued for each employee;

    6、In order to encourage employees to improve their professional skills, the staff made ??all the relevant professional bodies certified titles have corresponding titles subsidies;

    7、Ordering subsidies for employees within 16 hours of overtime counted as for the off-time employees 16 hours of paid leave in a hurry when issued in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations other than 16 hours can overtime, and to provide overtime maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the employees.

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